How can I scan documents?
1. Tap the + button at the tab bar
2. Choose what you want to scan: PDF, OCR, ID, or QR
3. Aim your camera at the document. The app will detect borders for you and tap the 'Capture' button.

If you are scanning a multipage document, you can add another page after a scan.
What is OCR?
Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a smart technology that converts scanned images into editable and searchable text. You can convert photos to text in the app.
Do my files stored on your servers?
Not, they are not. All files are stored at the app sandbox, so no one has access to it, but you.
I don’t work with PDFs anymore. How can I cancel my subscription?
You can manage and cancel all your subscriptions in your iPhone settings – [your name] – iTunes & App Store. Tap Apple ID – view Apple ID – Subscriptions.

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