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The Most Professional PDF Scanner is live now. Scan photos to pdf, turn photo to text, ID & QR Scanner

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Features of our application


Scan photos to PDF, create multipage docs


Scan and save QR code data in seconds


Scan photo and convert it to text in realtime


Scan your ID with the most perfect quality

Scanning Process

Automatic detection of edges and perspective
Color Correction and Contrast Processing
Place a Signature inside the Document

What our users say about us

Luba Zarate The app that can be used for many years‍

Really easy to use! You can scan and print at home, which is very convenient!

Babbage_Josephiney Good

Mobile documents in hand, easy to scan and save, very convenient.

Eubanks Daniell Great app

No need for those old outdated file cabinets anymore. No longer need a printer, the phone can directly generate files and send them to my boss!      ​

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